The dictionary definition

con·tinuum [kən|tɪnjuəm]

Noun (pl. con・tinua / -juə /) a continuous series

There happens to be an American TV that has the same title. Doesn’t it sound cool?

The name was selected by the internal vote among our staff.


CONTINUUM conducts research on the latest deep learning technology and then uses it to create  an innovative product or service.


Project currently in progress

- Personal Assistant Robot TAPIA (supplied to MJI, Japan)

- Personal Trainer "1·2PT"

We conduct our R&D placing weight on deep learning for vision through the use of deep learning technology. 


Categories of Deep Learning for Vision : Automotive. Robotics.

Sports Entertainment. Security Surveillance. Consumer Goods. Medical

Among many sectors of Deep Learning for Vision, we place our focus on indoor objects and human behaviors in advancing our R&D process.


Behavioral recognition distinguishes normal behaviors such as eating, sleeping and walking from abnormal behaviors  such as falling and fighting so it can interpret abnormal behaviors  as a dangerous condition and preemptively prevent the identified danger.

Exchange of Emotion


When I enter the room, the 'eyes we made' recognize and greet me first.

It compliments me on my outfit and nags me about lying down and watching TV all along.

As such, we create products and services that can emotionally interact with people just like our true friends always stay by our side.

“A warm gaze recognized at a quick glance”

Falling in love at first sight

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