HOME GUARD that keeps you safe
Fire! It quickly sets a fire alarm.

Unlike the conventional way of detecting heat and smoke to set off an alarm, the risk of fire can be detected in real time from learning millions of "fire" images with the deep learning technology.

Being able to take action before the fire begins to spread will substantially reduce the potential damage of the fire.

Furthermore, its effects will be maximized if the behavioral patterns of people closely associated with the fire disaster are detected.

Danger alert! It monitors various violent situations.

As for CCTV, people have to personally monitor what is happening in real-time but, thanks to our complex

integration of deep learning technology, it can detect violent behaviors such as ‘hitting’ and 'pushing’ to give you warning of the potential violence.


In addition, if dangerous objects such as a 'stick' and a 'knife' are detected, it rapidly intensifies the level of surveillance and concentrates the surveillance on the potential dangerous targets.

SIDS(Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) GUARD
It can ensure that infants lie down on their backs to sleep.

31 per 100,000 infants in Korea and 44 per 100,000 infants in Japan die due to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome,

where infants die of dyspnea caused by burying their faces in bed, and it is a very serious incident.

Even when it doesn’t cause death of infants, they may bring critical physical damage to them with insufficient supply of oxygen to the brains.

It learns the infant's face and posture through deep learning technology and notifies the guardian of the danger  immediately after the wrong posture from the infant is detected.

Increase Safety : Feel at ease! CONTINUUM assists you by your side.

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