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Motion Recognizing Deep Learning for Vision

Until now, the fitness training program has been nothing more than following the moves from pre-recorded training videos.

It is certainly better than doing nothing at all. But, wouldn’t it be more important to train in a correct posture?

The [1·2PT] is run by an advanced algorithm built by deep learning technology and it can immediately identify what kind of training you are doing.

It can also count how many reps you have done.

Technological Characteristics

It is important to immediately identify what kind of motion is being made as soon as it is captured by the camera.

So, we developed the following technologies.

Detect ROI(Region of Interest) Technology

Computing an extensive range of data created by scanning all of the camera captured image information will

waste a great deal of the hardware resources and time.

Detect ROI Technology™, developed by learning over 8 million images and hundreds of thousands of frames of video footages, focuses only on essential information to recognize the specific motion

in order to isolate ROI from the rest.

Skeleton Power Technology

Once it identifies what kind of motion is carried out, it is necessary to go through the process of counting how many reps have been done for that motion.

So, we ran a deep learning process about how the joints of the human body move with the assistance of Skeleton Power Technology ™.

From this process, it can count the actual number of reps after calculating the cycle length

through the Repetition Model.

In addition, continuous learning of big data gradually increases the training accuracy.

1·2PT vs Other Fitness Trainers

[1·2PT] enables the camera to count the number of reps of the training in a same way human "eyes” do.

It can correct an incorrect posture by the voice command and keeps you from cheating on the number of reps as if you are coached by a personal trainer.

This is the key to dramatically improving your workout performance as compared to the old-fashioned way of

simply following after the pre-recorded training video.

It is also possible to tailor the workout to your personal preference.

For instance, if you are a disciplined person,  it can be programmed to push you harder or it can be set to compliment people who tend to get motivated from receiving the compliment.

It also has a useful feature to record your training footage and easily post it on SNS.

All of these are 1·2PT’s distinctive advantages differentiated from other existing training apps.

Range of Uses

Personal Trainer for Fitness Center

If installed in the fitness center, it will teach you the right posture.


You can hire your own personal trainer just by installing the app on your Smartphone.

HARD but FUN!!

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