My cute little helper TAPIA

CONTINUUM is making ‘eyes’ for TAPIA.

Who is TAPIA?

It is a lifestyle AI robot assistant made by MJI Robotics based in Tokyo, Japan.

Facial and voice recognition

TAPIA can distinguish each user's difference by learning their faces with the eyes(camera)

and their voices with the ears(microphone).

Everyday life

TAPIA assists you with your everyday life.

It makes a phone call, telling you the  weather forecast, and manages your schedule for your convenience.

Media Player

TAPIA plays music, display, pictures, and plays video footage.

​The longer you spend time with TAPIA, the more you get to know what you actually like.


The conversation skill of TAPIA improves day by day. Everyday will feel like a new conversation with TAPIA

Safety detection

TAPIA shows you whether your loved ones are in safe conditions.

It can also check their current physical status in connection with smart medical devices that you and your family use.

Private tutor

TAPIA can read you print media.

It can also read storybooks to your children and teach them math.

 * currently under development


We provide TAPIA with deep learning for vision in collaboration with MJI.

(Scheduled for installation in Dec, 2017).

We have a plan to develop more diverse and practical features going forward.

What is NEXT?

We're bringing life to the robot. It will first recognize and understand the situation and initiate the conversation

so that the machine and life can emotionally interact with each other.

Increase Sensitivity : Emotional interaction, started by CONTINUUM

Falling in love at first sight

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